Hennessy and BAL collaborated to create an immersive weekend experience in celebration of their marketing partnership.

Hennessy, the world-renowned cognac brand and the number one-selling cognac brand in South Africa and the world is proud to announce their marketing partnership with the Basketball Africa League (BAL) for the 2024 season.  BAL’s fourth season features an expanded lineup with a record 48 games being played in South Africa, Egypt, Senegal, and Rwanda. This also marks the first time BAL games will be played in South Africa, and the first time the league will play games in four different countries.

The BAL season commenced on Saturday, 9th March at the SunBet Arena in Pretoria, South Africa, featuring the top 12 club teams from 12 African countries.  Hennessy’s partnership with the BAL represents more than just a cognac brand. The brand represents communities and culture. By partnering with the BAL, Hennessy aims to support a culture that brings people together through entertainment and camaraderie.

Hennessy has curated an exclusive, immersive VIP Experience at the BAL, which took place between Friday, 8th March and Sunday, 10th March 2024. The event was attended by well-known celebrities, influencers, and friends of the brand, who enjoyed the games and the one-of-a-kind experience presented by Hennessy.

Stef Kondylis, Market Manager of Southern Africa at Moët Hennessy, said, “This partnership is another showcase of Hennessy’s role in urban culture, bringing unforgettable moments to our fans worldwide. Our efforts to build and sustain a community that thrives on the culture is not going unnoticed as the spirit of the game is gaining more traction in the region of Africa. The Hennessy VIP Experience at BAL is designed to allow guests to immerse themselves not only in the game but also in the creative culture that lives beyond the court in true Hennessy-style.”

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