Joeboy talks about his Single.

I recently had a conversation with Joeboy, an Afropop singer and African superstar. We discussed how things are going for him and talked about his latest single called “Osadebe”, which is currently one of the popular songs in Ogun State. We also talked about his plans and his life in general.

Your recent single was inspired by the late Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, why do you feel like you are HIM?

No. I never claimed to be him. I was just saying I’m living like Osadebe.  I’m living like him when he was around because he was an icon during his time. They used to call him the blood pressure doctor. His music was calming and it relaxed people, and I make the same music that actually relaxes people and puts them in a positive mood. So that’s where the inspiration or ‘I’m living like Osadebe’ comes from.

Talking about Osadebe, when can we expect the official music video for this amazing song?

The one on YouTube is a lyric video (Visualizer), but the official music video should drop in less than two weeks. It’s going to be one of my best videos.

You worked with almost all the amazing people I can think of, from DJ Neptune to Ludacris, who else are you planning to work with on your coming project?

 I’m just really excited about the international collaborations and working with people outside of my own demographic, so I can spread the music to a different and larger audience. I would love to work with Post Malone, Drake and SZA.

You recently joined Warner Music Africa, what are y’all planning for 2024?

I’m trying to do things on a bigger scale that’s why I partnered with Warner Music group. We have many great things in store and I’m really excited.

Our Nigerian artists are claiming the origin of Amapiano, why can’t they accept that it’s the south African sound?

We are just trolling, I think everybody knows where Amapiano originally started from and which is South Africa, we just use it to troll and banter.

What are your thoughts on African music dominating on a globa scale? 

It’s something that I’ve always wanted to see and I’m happy that it’s happening in real time.  I’m happy that I am being involved in such a wonderful and golden era. Nothing seems impossible anymore or like it used to be. It’s beautiful and I’d say one of the things we need to focus on is music infrastructure and make sure we have a proper structure that we can sustain and add to the growth that we are enjoying globally.  We should also focus on building infrastructures so we can sustain our success over a long period

What are your Thoughts on recent AFCON (considering the light on-going banter between South Africa and Nigeria)

Nigeria didn’t win but we got to the finals, but I’d say the most deserving team won. They played better football than us. Africa cup of nations was fun. I’m glad Nigeria went to the finals but I wish we won.

Your thoughts on recent Grammy Awards?

It’s wonderful that African artists are getting the nods and the world sees our efforts. Somebody must win at the end of the day and if somebody didn’t win then there’s always some other time. As Africans, we should just keep on working together. But the fact that a lot of people got nominated is good enough. 

I’d like to give a big shout to Hype Magazine. Thanks for the support and to everyone reading this thank you for enjoying my music and if you’re new and haven’t hear about my music please check it out, best believe you will be blown away.

To Your fans?

To my fans, thank you for the support. I promise to keep making you guys proud. I have so much to store this year and it’s about to be a great ride.

From me, I say the stage is yours. Go take over the world. We are fully behind you as an African and yes, good luck with everything.

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