YoungstaCPT and RAF DON Unveil Explosive Collaboration with “You Know The Drill”

Cape Town based hip-hop artists YoungstaCPT and RAF DON are set to captivate audiences with their latest collaborative effort, “You Know The Drill”.

The project, born out of a shared vision and musical chemistry, promises to redefine the landscape of South African drill music.

The start of this collaboration can be traced back to the breakout success of their track”TEKKY?” in 2022. Inspired by the overwhelming positive response, YoungstaCPT and RAF DON recognized the potential for further musical exploration together.

With the guidance of executive producer Shaney Jay, the duo embarked on a creative journey that resulted in the creation of “You Know The Drill”

Describing the project, YoungstaCPT shares, “It’s a drill project, so it’s quite uptempo and hard-hitting. I would say only one song is really radio-friendly, whereas the others are more for fans of the drill sub-genre that’s currently trending in hip-hop. It’s not
commercial, but I would say it’s very current.”

In contrast, RAF DON offers insight into the emotional depth of the project, stating, “This project takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. We tried to sonically and intentionally add a nostalgic feel and element to drill. That’s why there are elements of
sampling and interpolation on certain records on the project. We tried to cover street anthems, love songs, conscious drill, just giving the listeners an experience they’ve never gotten before on drill while staying true to the genre.”

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