5 Questions with Clara-T

After I hear about her recent work and coming back to the game, I thought of how I can approach her, remember she’s one of those dope lyricists who game us “It’s Fresh Doe” then disappear. So, let’s hang around and enjoy this Interview with the Talented Clara-T

Kindly reintroduce yourself to those who may not be familiar with you.
My name is Clara-T, lyricist/rapper extraordinaire, songwriter and performing artist. A pure creative at heart and a future media mogul!

While you were almost on peak, you disappeared for almost 6years, what went wrong?
Yeah, I really was at a peak of sorts. I can say life happened. A mix of life events like pursuing my studies, navigating relationships, travelling outside the country for the first time and the lessons learned from that experience, becoming a mother, and overcoming mental health challenges in the midst of everything. With everything that happened, in hindsight, I wouldn’t say anything went wrong. If anything, I believe I needed that break to have the experiences I needed to have to make me a better artist, to have a story to tell and a message that has the ability to impact lives in a meaningful way. I’d also say I wasn’t prepared for the possibility of “blowing up” at that time. I had a lot of growing up to do, a lot of finding myself and my voice, a comfort and unshakeable confidence in who and what I am. I feel like I have a better idea of what I want out of life and how to get it.

Are you ready to face the whole industry again?
The question is whether the industry is ready to face me! I believe I’ve learned, and I am continuing to learn the intricacies of the industry. Things have changed a lot since I last released music. There are more platforms, more ways to navigate the system and promote yourself as an artist, more opportunities and people who want to hear what we must give to the world. I feel I’m ready for all that and to step out and create a movement of my own that represents women and girls like me. To represent the parts of the culture that don’t get as much shine. We essentially create the industry and where it goes through our contributions. I’m excited for that.

What are you currently working on and what different are you planning to move comparing to how you did back then?
I am currently busy working on a project, a full-length project. Right now, I’m busy with the recording process of everything, taking care of admin, continuing with writing and preparing for release. I will be releasing singles in the next coming weeks along with visuals, which I am really excited about.
This time around I want to be at the head of my career, being involved in every aspect from the creative side to the business side as well. I’m immersing myself in the different moving parts of this music machine until such a point that the right people come my way to help me move on to the next level to execute the vision I have for the brand. I definitely know I can’t do everything myself but spearheading the important roles is something I aspire to do and to understand how it all works. Another thing I want to do differently this time is to not be afraid to just be me! Realizing that the world needs us to be our true authentic selves, that is where true success stems.

If there’s any important thing you would love to share with younger rappers, what would it be and how can our readers get hold of you.
To the young rappers, young artists, never be afraid to be yourself. Understand that the world needs you the way you are. Every experience in life is a lesson and the world needs to hear our stories!
HYPE readers can get hold of me on my Instagram: @theclara_t as well as Facebook: Clara-T
Clara-T · It’s Fresh Doe!!! EP

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