Blow Lepara x Bonafide Billi set to release joint album.

This season, we are about to witness a joint project from two talented and well-respected rappers from Pretoria, Blow Lepara and Bonafide Billi. They have collaborated to create a masterpiece called Magnoso Mostofong, with the amazing producer, BlackTearsSA, producing the album. This collaboration promises to be a treat for fans of both artists. Although mixing two distinctive styles and sounds can be tricky, the resulting product can be properly harmonious if done correctly.  Bonafide Billi has been making music, doing theatre appearances, and guest features for quite some time now, while Blow Lepara has never taken a break from the day he set his foot in the game. Their individual talents, combined with BlackTearsSA his production skills, make this album worth listening to.

Although rumoured projects have forced us to accept the unfortunate reality that an announcement is far from a guarantee, PdotO and Blaklez, A-Reece and JayJody, Jimmy Wiz and ShabZi – just to mention a few – have delivered. So, with Blow Lepara and Bonafide Billi, I am highly confident that they will deliver too.

“Ramaphosa” is the song where we first heard the two rappers together. The video is more of a movie, which only adds to the excitement. This is the album the streets have been waiting for, and its the perfect opportunity for BlackTearsSA to prove that he is arguably the best producer in the industry today. So, as a fan of music, follow their social media and get ready for the album which is set to drop later this month.



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