5 Questions: Get to know Johnny Matt

To see who’s the hottest in the streets sometimes one should be more outside to see who’s moving the crowd. So, I managed to see Johnny performs live and that’s how this interview happened. Check it out.

To the Hype Magazine audience, who’s Johnny Matt?

I’m not just your typical independent hip-hop/rap artist—I’m a storyteller weaving my narrative through microphones. My love affair with music began at the ripe age of 16, sparking a passion that led me to dive into the intricacies of producing and composing my own tracks. My music? It’s a personal expedition, a melodic exploration of my life experiences that I hope resonates with people. There’s a certain laid-back confidence in my sound, a vibrant energy that’s both relatable and self-aware. As I make my mark in South Africa’s hip-hop scene, I’ve got plenty in store for you. So, keep those eyes peeled and ears ready—I’m here to make waves, and I’ve got a feeling you won’t want to miss it.

Recently you dropped an EP, how is the feedback?

The feedback from WOES has been overwhelming. Through the process of making this project, I’ve gained a lot of perspective on life and the battles we go through. I’ve had so many people tell me how they have resonated with this project, and I’m just glad I get to be a vessel for them. It just lets me know that I’m not going through this alone, as much as it may feel like it sometimes.

Saw you performance last Sunday and the crowd did really connect with you, how do you prepare when going to such events?

It’s premeditated for me; I set up the tracks two days before and just meditate on how I want to attack the performance. I put effort into preparing emotionally for such events. It’s all about how I can make the next person feel those exact emotions when the record hits.

The inspiration behind WOES?

At its core, WOES is not just an EP; it’s an emotional and compelling narrative experience that captures the process of going through a breakup, from the first shock to the final mending. WOES is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Through storytelling and a diverse musical soundscape, WOES invites listeners to embrace the pain, heal, and emerge stronger on the other side.

Currently what are you working on, and if there’s any, when can we expect the body of work?

I’m working on a mixtape that’s gonna be curated by @Mahoota11; he’s the big homie. Also, I got a project with Sowndboii in the works; he’s an amazing producer with the craziest sound I’ve ever heard. And the world can definitely expect these offerings later on in the year, but for now, all I got is a lot of WOES.

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