Watch: RAF DON’s “VISION” music video

Having revolutionalised the South African hip-hop scene with the explosive debut drill anthem “Tekky,” featuring the incomparable YoungstaCPT, Raf Don emerges as a pioneer of the genre in the Southern African hemisphere. Now, he unleashes another seismic drill sensa-on, “VISION,” produced by none other than SAMA award nominee Shaney Jay.

This track is more than just music; it’s a resounding anthem of motivation and unwavering self-belief. Raf Don delves into the depths of rap and drill, crafting a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of overcoming life’s obstacles and temptations that often divert us from our true vision and goals.


“VISION” isn’t merely a song; it’s a lexicon that unravels itself, offering profound insights into the struggles and triumphs encountered on the path to success. Drawing inspiration from the remarkable journey of Raf Don’s younger brother, Madosh Tambwe, as depicted in the captivating artwork, the narrative unfolds. Madosh Tambwe envisioned a future as a professional rugby athlete, facing insurmountable odds and obstacles.

Yet, against all adversi-es, he transformed his vision into reality. Today, he stands among the elite rugby athletes globally, gracing the biggest rugby league in the world and conquering the stages of France. His journey, ignited in South Africa, serves as a testament to defying limits and reaching the pinnacle.

The accompanying visual masterpiece, co-directed by Raf Don and the interna-onally acclaimed Los Angeles-based video director Tiro Rose, complements the sonic narrative. Brace yourself for an electrifying experience as Raf Don’s “VISION” not only resonates in your ears but cap-vates your soul, leaving an indelible mark on the global drill landscape.

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