Independent South African artist Nalu has unveiled the mesmerising music video for her latest single, “Malachite & Melanin,” which premiered on February 22, 2024. Shot against the naturesque backdrop of Cape Town, the video is a colourful celebration of the divine feminine, self-expression and self-love, radiating spiritual freedom.

Directed by Ryan Hing, founder of Evolve Keep Changing, and shot by the award-winning Director of Photography, Masedi Ranyane, the “Malachite & Melanin” music video captures the essence of Nalu’s message with stunning visuals and vibrant imagery. From her bedroom to the lush landscapes of Cape Town, Nalu invites viewers to embark on a journey of personal discovery and reflection. “Malachite & Melanin” celebrates the strength and power of the divine feminine and encourages viewers to trust the process of life, finding peace in the belief that what is meant for them will always find its way to them


Through her performance, Nalu embodies the freedom that comes with embracing change, letting go of what no longer serves her and honouring that which does. The soulful blend of R’nB and jazz, coupled with Nalu’s tender yet powerful vocals, creates an unforgettable sonic experience that complements the visual storytelling of the music video. As Nalu’s second single from her collaboration with Snoop Dogg’s producers at Death Row Records, “Malachite & Melanin” marks a significant milestone in her artistic journey. 

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