Sony Music Entertainment Africa proudly announces the latest addition to its roster of talented artists, the enigmatic R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, Filah Lah Lah. The emerging artist is set to captivate audiences with her new single, “Call Me,” which is out now and is available across all digital platforms.

‘Call me’ is a soulful R&B track infused with a hint of pop elements, offering a unique sonic experience for music enthusiasts. “Call Me” is perfectly timed for the lead-up to the pre-order launch of Filah Lah Lah’s much-anticipated album, “On Air”.  This marks a significant milestone in the artist’s career, following the success of her previous EP, “We’re Gonna Be Just Fine,” which boasted amazing tracks like “She’s Got to Go (Intro)” and “Change or Find Out.”


Filah Lah Lah’s artistic journey extends beyond her music, as she recently embarked on a personal open-minded series, “Filah’s thoughts, songs and everything right or wrong…with Society,” shared with her fans and friends on her social media platforms. This series provides a glimpse into Filah’s creative process, accompanied by song teasers produced by @khanya_94 & komishna, creating a sense of excitement and curiosity about her upcoming project.

The singer’s mysterious posts and hashtags like #onair have fuelled anticipation among her growing fan base, leaving them eager to discover the direction she will take with her evolving sound. Notably, “On Air” is poised to make history as the first-ever visual album by a South African female artist, adding an innovative dimension to Filah Lah Lah’s already impressive portfolio.


Filah Lah Lah’s musical influences trace back to her childhood, shaped by her father’s eclectic taste in Jazz, Funk, Rhythm, and Blues. Introduced to legendary artists such as Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Betty Wright, and Smokey Robinson, Filah Lah Lah developed a unique musical identity. Embracing her individuality, she views music as a constant companion, allowing her to make decisions to be true to herself.

As the world eagerly awaits the release of the visual masterpiece “On Air,” Filah Lah Lah invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery through her soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics on Call Me.

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