Mizo Phyll’s Venda Nga December EP

As part of the rollout plan for the VendaNga December 2023 event, Mizo Phyll decided to do something different by releasing an EP for both fans and new attendees. The EP was meant to be enjoyed as they prepared to attend the 9th annual event, which took place on December 30th at the Marshal Resort. The project contains 4 tracks and was curated to cover all areas and genre specifications. The first track, “A thi nga do faila,” is a 9-minute song that features “Thidziambi Da poet.” It begins with a symphony poem directly dedicated to Mizo before fading into the actual track itself. The second track, “Oya nalo,” has a rhythmic sound graph that starts to go up. “A la Maduvha,” the third track, sees Mizo reminiscing on the olden days of the “come up” era. The outro is an unexpected up-tempo trap hit song known as “Lidenya” which has become the fans’ first pick since the release. This EP was an unexpected, rare approach to marketing for the event from the superstar. However, it served a huge purpose in giving the fans an insight into where and how Mizo Phyll was envisioning himself in that season. It was all produced by the heavy production house Soundslucid. In conclusion, this project is one of the books in the Mizo Phyll catalog.   Now enjoy this Masterpiece and get a taste of what Limpopo is offering to the game.

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