Solo Sae delivers 101% EP

Solo Sae has been on our radar for quite sometime and we were delighted when he released his latest EP titled 101%. The EP opens with the song “Sex & Liqour” which is a heavy trap joint that carries hues of Travis Scott in construction and overall delivery. 

He abruptly switches into a more subdued pocket of sound with the single “Saturdays”. However, the song is an extension of of the prior song in the sense he touches on the same topics and “Saturday” feels like the morning after the wild night that is “Sex & Liqour”. 

 The EP is constructed like a rollercoaster ride with the very next song kicking up into a gear we saw on “Sex & Liqour”. The two songs, “Sex & Liqour” and “Twenty”, carry much of the same characteristics in sound, execution and delivery. Solo Sae then transitions to the song “For Me”. The song carries sunset vibes which are relaxed by nature and I quite enjoyed hearing Solo Sae dive into that sort of pocket. His unique vocal texture oddly fits with the production of the song. The EP ends off with the same sort of vibe we heard on the opening track with the song “Why Ra Fuck.”, Again taking the using the same elements bring the song to life. 

 Listen to 101% below. 

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