7 slept on Projects of 2023

Here is a young recap of the projects you might have missed, and I believe they deserve more ears, we often see music commentators talking about hip-hop albums, Eps, and Mixtapes on how they are dope and giving them 5 mics. But I barely see these seven projects being mentioned enough, so kindly take your time, go through this list, and bump all these albums…


Dee Xclsv –  Ourz in Hourz (Twitter: @DEEXCLSV ) (11 August)

Talking about tweeting less and rapping more, that’s what Dee Xclsv did here. Born and raised in Rustenburg, busted into the scene years back on the hit reality show on Vuzu. “Ourz in Hourz” is undoubtedly one of the hardest storytelling and heartwarming projects to come out this year with songs like “All Grown Up”, “Cold Pizza” and “2006” just to name a few. This is a follow-up to “Two Hours from Gpark” which dropped a couple of years back.

Mellow Don Picasso – LOST WAV.s (Twitter: @Thabiiiso) (02 June)

A young thirteen-minute thirty-second four-song extended play featuring Sandrahhh, Mo$hpit City, Flow Jones Jr, Ecco the Beast, and Lafreshman. This needs no discussion, Sandrahhh features really blended well on this project, A West Coast vibe sound, you need to be cruising in your whip, windows down, and bumping this one. Surprisingly, Mello is more of a photographer than a rapper as he believes in telling stories via visuals but surprisingly, here he is competing with seasonal rappers. LOST WAV.s is the name of the EP. Go check it out and comment on @HypeMagazineSA socials if you feel like this is a cap.

Jay Jody – Revenge is sweet (Twitter: @originalJayJody ) (17 March )

Told my friends that I was fly at everything I do cause my element’s the moon and my zodiac is cancer, meaning that I was hella ill with every move but that was because I always practiced, never been a chancer.” Fast forward he is giving us multiple projects rapping nonstop, giving us conceptual Eps, which fly over people’s heads. “REVENGE IS SWEET” is an EP to revisit as I believe you people kind of missed it out judging by how you always talk about how we don’t have enough quality music. Now this is quality at its best. A-Reece, Loatinova Pounds, and Av Raincandy are featured in this masterpiece.

PdotO – Son Of Nomsa (Twitter: @PdotO_SA ) (10 March )

We be spirit having a human Experience, the true reflection of a dude with presence, (Illuminate them)I’m cruising pushing music with reverence, Your emotion repelant and everything you do is irrelevant” – Glory.  Started off with “Leviticus Freestyle” displaying his great cadence and rap skills ability and peaking his truth like he has always been from his mixtape days.  “Son Of Nomsa” is the name of the project that I strongly feel is the most slept-on body of work in South African Hip Hop this year. Forty-four Minutes is all I’m asking you to take just to play this beautiful album dedicated to Umama Wakhe. Tasha Hendrixx and Kaizerbeatz making appearances on production too.

AMIS – AMI2 (Twitter: @Walterautotune) (23 May)

A sixteen-song project featuring BELO SALO, Phiwo, Miles, Roho, ZRi., WalterCanAutotune Terebi, Colkaze, and many more, this is what I call a game-changer compilation. Either you don’t listen to South African Music, or you overlook good music because they aren’t established according to your understanding. “40 Hertz” will make you question your “Music Head” tag because how is such good music out there yet you are not talking more about it? Strictly Hip Hop and R&B you wouldn’t find anywhere in SA.  After reading this piece, go straight to Spotify or Apple Music to play this one.

Stino Le Thwenny – You want some more? (Twitter: @StinoLeThwenny (14 July)

The duo didn’t hold back, prior to the release they dropped a single with Maglera Doe Boy which I feel like it should have given you heads-up on what to expect. Clearly, I was wrong, “You want some more?” is the name of the album with sixteen dope songs. A fun diverse album for every mood you are in, you can easily hear Khuli Chana’s influence if you pay attention to this beauty of work.

BlackAce – Last Days at The Trap (Twitter: @Blackace_za) (30 June)

From walking around Johannesburg city with a Bluetooth speaker, freestyling to strangers while giving him words right on the spot, to making it to the tv now reality show this giving us most this work which people don’t even pay attention to it? This is one project as south African hip hop community should cherish and celebrate. Not because of his achievements but how dope this album is. “LAST DAY AT THE TRAP” is the album, BlackAce is the name, of another talented rapper from Rustenburg with a dream to raise the flag of his city up high.  Go out and check this masterpiece.

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