R&B Radar: A Glimpse into Fentse’s Soul

Exploring the Depths of Fentse's Musical Universe

Words: Lolwetu Pakati 

Visuals: Courtesy of @k.skits & Fentse

Let’s dive straight into the world of Fentse, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who is painting musical landscapes through her ethereal sound. Her musical journey began in 2021 with the release of her debut EP, ‘Get It Together,’ and now she’s back on the scene with ‘Therapy Is Cancelled.’ This 9-track EP is more than just notes and rhythms; it’s an ode to her inner child.

‘Therapy Is Cancelled’: It’s like stepping into a dream where Fentse’s music guides you. Fentse’s enchanting vocals and lyricism but also the production quality on this EP is nothing short of exceptional, creating an ethereal and dreamy atmosphere that perfectly complements her unique sound. With a delicate blend of soft strumming and pulsating percussion, the result is a sonic landscape that feels like you’re floating on a cloud or wandering through an enchanted forest. It’s an experience that’s both personal and surreal, inviting you into Fentse’s world

As you listen to the EP, one can be captivated by the balance between Fentse’s emotive vocals and the well-crafted instrumentals. It’s a testament to the synergy between artist and producer, creating a musical experience that is both personal and surreal. With a production that seamlessly weaves together elements of soul, R&B, and a touch of dreamy ambience, ‘Therapy Is Cancelled’ is not just a collection of songs; it’s a masterfully produced work of art that immerses you in Fentse’s world. As she continues to share her gift with the world, the future is brimming with promise for this emerging artist.

Her talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. She’s found a place on the playlists of both Apple Music and Spotify, and her EP has garnered over 55,000 listens since its release. That’s no small feat; it’s a testament to her ability to connect with her growing fan base on a deep level.

Listen to Fentse’s latest ‘Therapy Is cancelled’ EP:

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