PatricKxxLee releases a new single titled ‘Far Far Away’

PatricKxxLee’s comeback to the music scene is in full swing with the artist releasing a tape titled ROOM 37, which as an Afro infused tape combined with all of the elements that we have come to love from PatricKxxLee. The artist is keeping his foot on the gas pedal with the artist releasing a new single titled ‘Far Far Away’. 

PatricKxxLee has gone back to the core root of his sound bringing through his traditional punk trap sound to the fold with the new single. Upon first listen, the standout element is how PatricKxxLee engineered his vocals. They carry an airy hue to them which makes for an interesting listening experience when he plays with the higher and lowe extremitites of his voice. From a songwriting perspective, PatricKxxLee writes about a mythical dystopia called far far away which from the sounds of it, is a dark underworld from which he wants to escape. Listen to the single below. 

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