The pre-order link for A-Reece’s album, “THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY” is now available.

“P2:THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY” drops Friday after Fans eagerly anticipate after much anticipation. The latest single from A-Reece’s upcoming album, dropping this Friday, is titled “Bruce Wayne”. The song references the iconic vigilante persona Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne. A-Reece is making a strong comeback to the South African hip-hop scene with this track, ready to fight against the villains and make hip-hop great again. If you are familiar with Bruce Wayne’s style, then you already understand A-Reece’s approach to this song. It’s clear that A-Reece is calling out all the artists who abandoned hip hop for the yanos genre, and he’s staying true to the roots of hip hop as he is always been. During tough times, he was keeping it real, and those who left the genre will forever be criticized by South African rappers like him. The album will consist of nineteen songs, featuring collaborations with Shekhinah and Sjava on “GOD LAUGHS”. Ghanaian wordsmith M.Anifest has two features on the album, showcasing his lyrical prowess. Jay Jody and Blxckie are also featured, as well as a no-nonsense American rapper and producer from Long Beach, California on track ten. Fly Anakin, co-founder of the Richmond hip hop crew Mutant Academy, is also featured on P2. Set your reminder, get ready to feast. P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY
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