Today, South African multidisciplinary artist Muzi releases his fifth studio album uMUZI, out now via Fool’s Gold. An autobiographical collection detailing Muzi’s universe and how it came to be, uMUZI sees the “Zulu Skywalker” return to Earth, grounded by his memories and the desire to reconnect with his late parents. Where his previous album, INTERBLAKTIC, focused on Muzi’s journey as an artist, uMUZI serves as his origin story, chronicling the moments that have truly made Muzi who he is – from describing his parents’ first date with ‘eMtunzini’ and his first crush with ‘Queen’, to his introspective approach to his period of homelessness on ‘Problems’ and his tumultuous relationship with his father on ‘Timer’. uMUZI features a new collaboration with Coldplay’s Chris Martin singing in Muzi’s native Zulu on ‘Queen.’ The album also includes appearances from British rapper The Last Skeptik on ‘Milk & Honey’ and legendary 72-year-old South African guitarist Madala Kunene on ‘A Letter To Zeno’. Watch Muzi’s official ‘eMtunzini’ and ‘Light’ music videos. Muzi has a way of intertwining his deepest, most personal vulnerabilities into his music. His authenticity and way of inducing listeners with virtuous stories through insightful lyricism has made Muzi a transcendent storyteller. He is long dedicated his bodies of work to his family with his 2020 MAMA EP, a memorandum honoring his late mother and 2019 ZENO, an album written for his daughter. His latest project uMUZI follows suit, analyzing his relationship with his late father and own experience with fatherhood. For Muzi, this album is about introspection and growth; the ability to reflect on one’s history and use those lessons as motivation towards a brighter future. Crafted as the soundtrack of his family’s Toyota Cressida, uMUZI is a conflux of the music he heard in the car growing up, the sounds that would later influence his own artistry, and the stories he would tell if given the chance to take one last family road trip. Still championing his rich Afrohouse roots, uMUZI is a sonic exploration through the eclectic sub-genres that permeated Muzi’s upbringing and have weaved their way throughout his musical universe. From the disco stylings of ‘Queen of African Pop’ Brenda Fassie to the forward-thinking dance music of Daft Punk and Faithless, uMUZI draws from the songs of Muzi’s childhood and the artists his father introduced him to. Nostalgic in sound and sentiment, the album is colored with a warm, vintage tone forged by Muzi’s newfound experimentation with analog synths and drum machines. “My 5-year-old daughter, Zeno, and I started doing a lot of road trips together. It became important to me for her to see our beautiful land and countryside. To meet its people and know the beauty of home. We would always have these random conversations in the car, it became a way for us to bond even more. Over time this led me to an idea: What if I had a road trip with my parents now? What would that look like? What would that sound like? What would I tell them about my life now as an adult, as a dad? I explored these questions in uMUZI. Through the production, I tried new things using outboard gear to get the sound I desired and vocally too, new harmonies and all. Very personal but also very liberating. These ideas are inspired by everything I saw in Empangeni. These stories made me. These stories heal me.” – Muzi
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