Vensuraps lays it on wax on ‘Heart’ Single

With hip-hop turning 50, the conversation about the young genre is at its peak, however, there is an assessment that needs to made about the future of boom bap in the country. With the origin sub-genre falling out of favour globally, one can understand why the stature of its presence has diminished in the local hip-hop economy and that is where Venusraps comes into the fold. 

On the surface the song may seem this song is written out of anger, however, ‘Heart’ is far more than that. The song is an open letter to hip-hop as Venus raps, “how is hip-hop gon have longevity when we’re ignoring its needs” as she laments the state of hip-hop. With that being said, Venusraps addresses people who are at the root cause of the problem… gatekeepers. She touches on how the perceived gatekeepers are endorsing culture vultures and those who have a certain look or ‘appeal’ that sells.

Venusraps’ pen is what prevents the song from being a venting session from a bitter artist. The eloquently written song has a poetic feel to it and we have come to expect nothing less from the talented rapper. Listen to ‘Heart’ below

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