Nine artists that should be on your radar

Each and every year there’s an artist which makes it hard to be ignored, and I took some time to check who’s been out in the streets creating the buzz and sharing quality music for the masses. Below are the 9 talented South African Artists you should check out.


Have you heard Xhosa rap like this before? You should check out LOOKAUPS, a talented rapper recently featured on J-Smash’s Toxic Perfectionism album. His music is relatable, especially for the youth of this country, with tracks like “Kuzoluna” featuring Baby S.O.N, “Slept On” featuring Kash, and “Location” which was released only a few weeks ago. He has 8260 monthly listeners on Spotify, but it won’t be long before he dominates the South African hip-hop scene with his impressive skills. Never say we never plugged you when he Is dominating the charts.


XXC Legacy (@xxc_Legacy )

When she was just seven years old, she started going to open mic sessions, including one hosted by Pabi Moloi. She is a rising rapper and singer from Johannesburg with an exciting sound, irresistible hooks, and a quick, outspoken rap style. She has already released one EP featuring collaborations with artists such as Jay Jody, Kid X, Stilo Magolide, Big Star Johnson, and Moozlie, making it clear that she is the one to watch. Her latest single, featuring Loatinova Pound, is causing a stir on social media and is set to hit the airwaves soon. Check out her music and see for yourself what we are talking about. Link:

Novl. ( @Novl___ )

The line “They say the Eagle has landed, too bad the songs don’t.” which he dropped on his STAYLOW NO PAPERWORK freestyle caused quite a stir on Twitter. Although the intended recipient of the message remains unknown (we don’t drop names here), it is clear Novl. is one of the rappers we should mention when we talk about cats who are gaining popularity for their cinematic songs and project rollouts. He is known for being active outside of the internet and has a loyal fan base, known as “The Book Club,” who support him in all his endeavors. However, they are not afraid to voice their disappointment when he fails to release new music. The Broken Prophet recently collaborated with Tyson Sybateli on a single, and there are rumors of an upcoming song featuring WORDZ, although the release date is uncertain. In 2022, he released two studio projects, “Hold My Beer, Let Me Rap” and “Oh Sweet black child,” in addition to his 2019 project “For My Conscience” and 2018 project “… It Must Be the LOWS.” Link:

043 Ghxst (@043Ghxst_ )

There’s a talented hip-hop artist emerging from South Africa, known as 043 Ghxst. He hails from the Eastern Cape but currently resides in Johannesburg, also known as the city of gold. In 2023, he released an amazing album titled “Ghxst” featuring collaborations with Flash Ikumkani, Soul T iDyan, and Benjii. As an independent artist, he’s making a name for himself in the rap game with his unique sound and catchy music. One of his career highlights was being featured on a Hype Magazine playlist. Keep an eye out for Ghxst as he’s dropping something new on November 15th, and two new videos are on the way. Link:

G-Tech 2bit (@gtech_2bit )

There’s another rapper from Pretoria who’s making waves on the streets. He’s one half of Surfboyz and his name is G-tech 2bit. He’s always releasing new music to keep his fans happy. G-tech 2bit is a talented rapper, songwriter, performer, and vocal engineer. You should definitely check out his latest song “Coffee shop in Rosebank” featuring Loatinova Pound. Additionally, “Lepanta” and “SPEAK N VROSTAAN” have been popular songs recently too. G-tech 2bit is really making a name for himself in Pretoria. You can’t ignore his impact and the buzz he’s creating with his music. Keep an eye on this rising star. Link:

Ben September (@_Benseptember )

Do you know about Ben September, the gifted R&B artist and songwriter from South Africa with an exceptional delivery and unique writing style? His music is a perfect blend of Hip Hop and R&B, showcasing the remarkable talent of our generation. His EP “Loose Ends” comprises of expertly crafted songs with impactful vocals that are sure to stand the test of time. I strongly suggest listening to his music and spreading the word to your friends and family. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Additionally, he hails from Sasolburg in the Free State province.


Czar Odriego (@CzarOdriego)

If a rapper can consistently drop freestyles every Tuesday for a long time, it shows that they mean business. Czar Odriego is a South African rapper, songwriter, record producer, and a B.Ed graduate of the University of Limpopo. He was born in Burgersfort and gained public recognition after winning the Exposure Media Production. He is currently about to release his full body of work, and I urge the South African hip-hop community to support this talented individual. He may not have made it onto our Kings of Sepedi rap list, but he is worth checking out as a rising rapper who is making moves without the big platforms. Link:

Canva Sativa ( @Canvas_sativa)

Keep an eye on Canva Sativa, a multi-talented rapper, producer, and DJ originally from Mafikeng and now living in Cap City Rap City. He gained recognition after winning the Casspernyovest competition, which ended at the Mmabatho Stadium Fill-up event, and has been making waves in the South African hip hop scene ever since. As a co-founder of the Escaping the City Festival in Pretoria, he is also making strides in event organization. In July 2023, he released Sativa Season, featuring talented artists like Looyundah, Spooko Mfana, and Phonikz. South Africans should take note of his incredible talent, and it’s worth noting that he is also a qualified sound engineer.


Lowfeye (@lowfeye__ ) & LaCabra ( @Lecabra_Bully)

Lowfeye and LaCabra are two rising stars in the South African Hip Hop Scene. Lowfeye, whose real name is Blessing, and LaCabra, born Mxolisi, are exciting brothers making their mark in the industry. Their EP, “Far from Home,” served as an introduction to their music, but they really impressed fans earlier this year with “uNoXhoka,” which received positive feedback from South African music enthusiasts. It’s difficult to overlook the talent of these artists, especially when they consistently release music with high replay value.


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