The West Coast meets R&B on Flvme’s DO RiGHT iNTRO

Last week Friday, Flvme released the lead single for his upcoming project titled ‘DO RiGHT iNTRO’. The single is a masterfully crafted single that makes use of the classic west coast hip-hop sound reminiscent of the era that was dominated by artists like Snoop Dogg. 

The west coast sound has become somewhat of a trademark sound from Flvme with him experimenting with the sound to warm receptions from both fans and critics alike. The sound fits Flvme’s cadence and delivery perfectly as if the two are in a harmonious marriage of sounds, however, that isnt the most impressive aspect of the song. 

Frequent followers of Flvme will know that he loves to talk about love and relationships, so it comes as no surprise that ‘DO RiGHT iNTRO’ touches on those topics but the spin comes in his approach to the aforementioned topics. The seasoned artists talks about his obessesion with self improvement and adding to his legacy as an artist, which is an angle we do not hear all too often. Listen to ‘DO RiGHT iNTRO’ below. 

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