Tony Dayimane Oozes Swagger On New Single, ‘UP’

Upon pressing play on ‘UP’, you are greeted by latin-esque strings before it gets accompanied by menacing synths and from that moment, one can already tell that Tony Dayimane will deliver a stellar performance.

Tony Dayimane takes his own swing on the ‘up and stuck’ rhetoric in hip-hop which describes your ascension in the game – hence, the term up and stuck. The unique blend of Latin strings and subtle bass tones help set the sonic stage for Tony Dayimane to set the song alight.

Tony Dayimane’s style of rapping is one I particularly enjoy because of his delivery, which is adaptable to production of any tempo. For ‘UP’  the rapper went for a slower tempo to suit the construction of the production. Despite my clear affliction for his flow, his greatest attribute comes via his lyrical content. Tony Dayimane consistently delivers a storytelling type of performance in his music and ‘UP’ is no different. Listen to ‘UP’ below.


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