RAP BATTLE LEAGUE is back with a bang [Watch]

Text by: Illythehost

The RAP BATTLE LEAGUE returns after a brief hiatus, injecting the culture into our veins. While battle leagues exist, RBL stands out. Two fearless South African emcees grace the Rap Battle League stage, conjuring an “8 Mile” style contest that fuels the essence of battle rap, cherished by die-hard fans. Both emcees, Nveigh and Jay Jody, not gracing HYPE Magazine’s invite list, unleashed a crowd-pleasing storm via streams.

Don Veedo took the first stance, his preparation was evident. Paying respects to Illy Amin’s career and international battles, Veedo unleashed a lyrical dismantling. Critiques and exaggerations flowed, highlighting Amin’s past missteps.

The odds appeared stacked against Illy Amin until he retaliated in Don’s second round. A veteran freestyle battler, Amin’s chill demeanour contrasted with his bar-spitting prowess. His retorts turned Veedo’s claims lukewarm, seizing the flip technique to his advantage.

1632 DON VEEDO VS ILLY AMIN battle emerged as the fan favourite, their reactions echoing the victory. In the end, Illy Amin held the upper hand.

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