Apple Music salutes Mzansi’s elite artists with five exclusive visionary women DJ Mixes

Apple Music is highlighting the women that have shaped, shifted and enriched South Africa’s rich and diverse music landscape with five Visionary Women DJ Mixes exclusive to Apple Music, rolling out from this Friday.  

DJ Mixes have been proudly created by DJ, host and entrepreneur, DJ Zinhle; poet, writer and performer, Sio; emerging Cape Town-based DJ, Rarri; DJ, radio personality and MC, Ms Cosmo; and DJ, model and activist, Pona Colada.

Each week Apple Music will feature one of these five dynamic DJ Mixes created by South Africa’s electronic trailblazers, for listeners to enjoy in their car, during their workout, while they’re smashing that deadline, or simply in the comfort of their own home. 

“This is a special mix that celebrates and honours female artists for their great talent and contribution to the music industry. It’s a stunning dance music mix that can be enjoyed by all music lovers.” – Zinhle 

“My mix celebrates the women who I admire as musicians, whom I feel need to be celebrated a lot more than they have been and this mix includes some of my favourite songs by them.” Sio

“To echo the wise words of Gift Gugu Mona, ‘A woman of vision does not allow what she sees to stop her from envisioning what is yet to be seen.’” – Rarri 

“Visionary Women to me means being fearless, daring, ground-breaking and undeniable! Through my Apple DJ Mix, I’m celebrating powerful women who’ve had an impact on the music industry and have inspired me to reach beyond mediocrity. It’s a party starter mix so make sure you crank up the volume!” – Ms. Cosmo 

“A visionary woman sees value and potential in the mundane. She’s transformative and a world-builder. In this mix, I’ll be celebrating women, queer individuals and artists who’ve done just that in their music. I place black women at the core of all my work and this mix is a love letter to us with full intent to make us feel uplifted.” – Pona Colada.

This Week Discover DJ Zinhle’s Mixes:

Also look out for Sio, Rarri, Ms Cosmo and Pona Colada’s DJ mixes Exclusive to Apple Music in the Month of August. 

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