[Fresh Notes] – DMS TheeUnderdawg: The rising star from Limpopo is ready to take over the music industry

From small-town beginnings to building a fan base of thousands, DMS TheeUnderdawg’s journey is only just beginning

Written by Phetolo Sematha, Images by DMS TheeUnderdawg

“I started from zero but now I have more than 1,000 people streaming and sharing my music. I have become a household name where I come from and I’m looking forward to expanding my brand.”

Joseph Jachi, better known as DMS TheeUnderdawg, is a rising musician from the small town of Musina in Limpopo. Raised by his single mother, Josephine Jachi, DMS discovered his passion for music in July 2019, only a few months after he matriculated. Let’s explore DMS’s journey so far – his musical influences, creative process and plans for the future.

The early years and musical influences

DMS started his music journey with limited resources but, over time, he gained a loyal fanbase of thousands. DMS stands for “Designed My Story”, and “TheeUnderdawg” comes from the movie Underdawgs. The story behind the name is that they always win, no matter what.

DMS TheeUnderdawg admires rapper 2Pac and Mizo Phyll, also known as the “King of VenRap”, for their contribution to the entertainment industry. DMS’s mother has also been a significant influence in his life. He attributes the success of his music and sound to these people, who played significant roles in his life.

Overcoming challenges and about the creative process

When DMS started his music, he faced several challenges, such as a lack of resources to record, produce music videos and market his music. But he found a job to overcome those challenges. “I spent most of my time at church and I am a prayerful person. I love God and I appreciate everything He has done for me.” He has been drug- and alcohol-free for nine months and three weeks, and he is proud of his progress.

DMS loves mixing genres in his music to accommodate everyone’s tastes. From Afrobeats and hip-hop to amapiano, he doesn’t limit himself as an artist. He often writes music in the studio and records it after completion, because his music is mostly guided by his emotions and life experiences.

Accomplishments and future plans

DMS TheeUnderdawg has accomplished a lot in a short time, with his extended play The First Offering gaining over 185,000 worldwide streams. One of the most popular songs on the EP is ‘Jiggy’, which has garnered over 80,000 streams alone. His dream is to win awards, travel the world, perform in different countries and become one of the greats.

“I’ve got a new single I am dropping soon, featuring McDee Madhara and Hdk The Godfather, titled ‘Turn Up 2.0’. It is a remix of one of my songs, ‘Turn Up’, which was released in 2020, and it is all about partying and having a good time.”

Staying motivated and inspired

DMS TheeUnderdawg stays motivated by the circle he keeps and has big aspirations for himself, as he aims to work hard on his craft and reach new levels of creativity. He is inspired by his friends, such as Mozisi “Tsoanelo Moyo” and Okay Cedric, who have made it big.

The importance of art in society

To DMS, a society without art would be dull and empty. He believes that creators are doing an excellent job of entertaining society through art, and this motivates him to create more music.

Collaboration and networking

DMS TheeUnderdawg sees collaboration as a significant way to expand one’s brand. He is open to collaborations and networking with other artists to exchange skills and share ideas, creating a win-win scenario. DMS hopes to collaborate with Mizo Phyll in the future. “The family I’ve built, including the relationships I’ve built between myself and other artists, is key. Hdk The Godfather is one of the men behind my success. I believe that he is one of the greatest producers of our generation, and one of the future greats.”
Lessons learnt and keeping a positive mindset

DMS looks back at his first song and admits that it was whack. However, despite the lows in his journey, the lessons learnt have been worth it. DMS says that criticism should never get one down.

Advice to aspiring musicians

DMS advises aspiring musicians to work hard and never limit themselves. He highlights the importance of positive energy, staying focused and remembering that their passion and drive led them to music. His advice is to trust the process and remember the reasons they started. He says musicians should always work on themselves until they get their sound right. They should never quit, should believe in themselves and focus on their craft.

DMS TheeUnderdawg’s music journey highlights the value of hard work, positivity and persistence in achieving success. His unique sound and willingness to mix genres demonstrate the essence of versatility in music. With big dreams of winning awards, travelling the world and performing in different countries, DMS is an example of how far one can go with determination and passion.

When asked how he plans to market himself and increase his fanbase and supporters, he responds:

“I’d change marketing by paying influencers and expand his brand through their brands.”

Instagram: @dmstheeunderdawg

Twitter: @theeunderdawg


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