Majorsteez are ready to drop visuals for their joint ‘Changitse’ FT. Emcee & Roiii

Earlier this year, the dynamic duo Majorsteez unleashed a sonic masterpiece that shook the industry—their single ‘Changitse’ featuring none other than the legendary Emtee and the rising star Roiii. Since its release, this joint has skyrocketed to fan-favourite status, captivating audiences with its infectious beats and impeccable lyricism. The demand for visuals has been fervent, with fans eagerly pleading for a visual feast to accompany their cherished anthem. Well, the anticipation is finally coming to an end, as the duo has tantalizingly revealed that the visuals are in the bag and ready to set screens ablaze.

Peep that pinned post, embrace the excitement, and prepare to be blown away. Are you ready to dive into the visuals that will undoubtedly take ‘Changitse’ to even greater heights? Let us know on our social channels, where fans unite to celebrate the marriage of music and visuals. The moment is upon us—brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through sight and sound.


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