Boity drops ‘Sosh Plata’ Remix [Listen]

Boity couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of the national sensation ‘Sosh Plata’ by Loatinover Pounds. This blazing joint has set the South African hip-hop scene ablaze, leaving rappers eager to join the musical wildfire. And who can blame them? This track is pure fire.

For Boity, who has been relatively quiet on the music front, this collaboration serves as a triumphant return, a reemergence into the spotlight. Perhaps this is just the beginning, a stepping stone towards something even greater—a tantalizing project on the horizon. Until she unveils her grand plans, all we can do is speculate, letting our imaginations run wild.

Join the conversation on our socials and share your thoughts on Boity’s rendition of ‘Sosh Plata.’ Does her version hit the mark? Is it a worthy addition to the fiery anthem? We can’t wait to hear your take!

Listen below:


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