Ginelio Da Silva, Nyota Parker and Lesego “Ego Freckles” Sidumo get to create with Tyler, The Creator through Converse’s ‘Create Next’ movement

Written by HYPE Staff, Visuals: Converse

Ginelio Da Silva, Nyota Parker and Lesego “Ego Freckles” Sidumo among 30 young creatives from different countries who got to create with Tyler, The Creator through Converse’s Create Next movement

Through its Create Next movement, Converse recently hosted 30 young creatives from its global program across 12 different countries together, to create, explore and collaborate on music, art, culture and different visual experiences to solidify their purpose of providing mentorship opportunities in youth culture.

The Converse All Star series kickstarted in Sydney Australia, providing the opportunity to 3 South African based All Stars the DJ, Ginelio Da Silva, the rapper Nyota Parker and Lesego “Ego Freckles” Sidumo who had first-hand experience of sharing and creating with Converse partner Tyler, The Creator.

The collection of All Stars was selected to attend a three-day workshop that was hosted by different industry leaders, multi-disciplinary artist Abdul Abdullah, creative director, Ken Leung and music producer Justin Elwin. The young creatives were tasked with the opportunity to join forces and create five original tracks, paired with a visual expression of the sound- which would then be showcased to musical genius Tyler, The Creator.

“If you’re a creative person, it’s easy for people to pigeonhole you,” said Tyler, The Creator. “When you branch out and do something different, even your biggest supporters might not understand as they don’t have the same lens as you. When I’m not in my comfort zone, it pushes me to break out even more. It’s easy to relapse and fall back into your old ways, but sometimes getting out of your comfort level is the greatest thing ever and that’s what this Converse All Star experience is all about.”

“Converse blew my expectations out the water, we were briefed and given schedules from interviews, exclusive meets, studio time and creative sessions, we were given a taste of our dream lives- creativity and passions were ignited, and I’m going to keep pushing until it is a reality.” Nyota Parker said following the showcase.

Following the creative showcase, three All Stars were given the opportunity to perform live at iconic Sydney venue, Landsdowne Hotel. South Africa’s very own Ginelio kicked off the night with a pumping EDM performance.

“The experience was beyond my wildest dreams, and I kept thinking it can’t be real even though I was having the physical experience.” Ginelio adds, “It is by far the greatest experience I have had in my life and I’m sure it will have a lasting impact on me as an artist and an individual for the rest of my life”.

The Sydney All Star series is one of the examples of how Converse global and South Africa aim to create access to resources and targeted mentorship opportunities to support the career development of young South African creatives. “We will always support innovation in a space that’s such an important part of the Converse DNA. The All Star Series: Sydney was an important step in our journey to foster musical talent and we have big plans to continue supporting emerging musicians, “said Andres Kiger, VP of Marketing, Converse Global Partner Markets.

“Coming from a model background, which hasn’t been a first-choice career to society. The relationship that has been forged with Converse is a special one to me, a life changing phenomenon,” Lesego Sidumo expressed.

He continues with a short quote for the future generation:  “Your dreams are valid, with focus, discipline and the right work ethic, your dreams are possible”

Visit the Create Next website to see, and hear more on the experiences of the All Stars from the series.

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