Listen to Manny Yack’s second response to Big Zulu ‘Sis Rambo’

Manny Yack drops second response to Big Zulu ‘Sis Rambo’

After his first response wasn’t that well-received, Manny Yack drops a second attempt. His first response was a melodic trap song and was ridiculed for not stinging enough.

‘Sis Rambo’ is a hard rap song and Manny Yack makes multiple swipes at Big Zulu.

“You niggas more like big Xhosa

Everytime you rap you make me laugh

Turn Big Zulu to a Big Mac

I’m bout to have a feast

Amaxoki oJudas, irasta elidla imali eningi”

He goes on for three verses. Did he finally hit the mark? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

Listen to ‘Sis Rambo’ below:


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