Review: 2AM ‘Close Enough’ EP

2AM is deeply conflicted about relationships in his latest EP Close Enough

By ubereatzz

2AM’s latest EP Close Enough joins 2021’s Jaded and 2020’s (E)Motions EPs on the list of the Joburg-born and -raised artist’s growing catalogue of quality R&B releases. They all have just the right touch of trapsoul that will leave you feeling all the emotions that come with relationships.

“Rather be felt than seen,” the phrase on 2AM’s Twitter bio, seems to be the motto for the artist in his music. We hear him muse on his past and present relationships that have him deeply conflicted on Close Enough.

He introduces the listener to his deepest regret about a situationship with the first song ‘Keep It Real’, as he sings: “We should’ve stayed in touch/ Now I can admit it.” He sings about the dangers of pride, difficulties of letting go of someone you deeply love and how not keeping things real often ruins a good thing.

His smooth approach with the ladies is on full display in ‘Pull Up’ as he insists his potential lover get ready for him to come over. “Had to shoot my shot, I’d never slip up/ From my intel, you’re a handful/ Honestly, I only planned a hook-up,” he sings. This is my current favourite on this tape.

On ‘Grateful’, the singer expresses gratitude to God for blessing him with a perfect partner and how he wants to mention it more often that he appreciates her.

2AM’s honesty with himself is evident on ‘Can’t Stay (Interlude)’ where he sings, “You’re the only one that I ain’t safe from/ You don’t understand how much it takes, girl,” to his toxic lover of whom he just can’t seem to let go. He also goes on to speak about how he is partly to blame when he raps, “I’m not innocent, I’m sorry for my part in it.”

‘Come Back’ seems to be a continuation of the scenario set by the previous track as he bluntly lays out in detail the woes he faces with his current lover, and why the relationship doesn’t work, singing, “Can’t commit, too many issues to dissect.” He admits they just can’t seem to let one another go: “We could both find someone else/ Problem is, we don’t move on, we both come back.”

He brings in another talented R&B artist, Sandrahhh, on ‘One Last Summer’. 2AM opens the song by letting the listener understand how he believes in open communication with any connection, and encourages his lover to be more direct about wanting to be with him. Sandrahhh role-plays as his lover. She takes his advice and tells her lover what she wants: “Truth be told, I think I’m down to come over and kick it.”

He switches up his melodies on ‘Time Heals’, where he lightly raps about his desire to hear from an ex-lover again, who used to be supportive of his career. “You been down since soundcloud,” he sings. “Still a real fan, tell her friends that I been hot.” He also sings about how he can’t seem to fully commit to his new lover.

Close Enough closes off with the banger ‘Escape’ that’s about the singer’s trials and tribulations as an artist and a young man in this current musical and dating environment. He speaks on how music has been the best therapeutic outlet as he sings: “Cause help me get away. The place I go when I need to run but can’t escape.”

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