Top 10 Sotra Cyphers episodes ranked

Exclusive: SPeeKa counts down his favourite Sotra Cyphers episodes.

 SPeeKa got used to having rappers drop freestyles over his beats during the glory days of YFM’s Full Clip with Siz n Scoop. Today, Speeka’s beats are still getting destroyed by rappers on his own platform, Sotra Cyphers, a YouTube series he started in 2016.

Watching SPeeKa recording an episode of Sotra Cyphers is like watching a kid in a candy store. SPeeKa has an appreciation for great raps, and below, he count down 10 of his favourite Sotra Cyphers. He was spoiled for choice, having hosted a gang of rappers that range from legends like Stogie T, Hymphatic Thabs and Siya Shezi to the likes of Touchline, MaseVen and Anzo.

10. PART 44 (Jeffery Negligent, Katz Moona & KIDcyler)


“This was the last episode to drop in 2021. All three cats were discovered on Facebook after I had asked for MCs to drop me clips of themselves rapping. It turned out to be one of my favourite episodes to date.”

9. Fergason (KZN Lockdown Cypher Meets Sotra Cyphers S2) 

“On the second season of my collaborative series [with Zakwe’s KZN Lockdown Cypher], I kicked things off with this verse from the Snake Park representative, Fergason. In this episode, she confidently makes a statement aimed at the rest of her peers that simply states, ‘Don’t play with me’. The verse, where she mentions that she was influenced by the late great PRO, even got a reaction by TS Records legend DJ Sbu on TikTok, calling her ‘PRO resurrected’.”

8. Hymphatic Thabs Sotra Cyphers Exclusive

“In early 2021, I had the honour of having the legendary Hymphatic Thabs, one of the most influential MCs of his generation. It’s also the first episode to feature a South African Hip-Hop Museum Hall of Fame Inductee.”

7. F-Eezy (KZN Lockdown Cypher Meets Sotra Cyphers S1) 

“For the finale of the first season of my collaborative series with Zakwe (KZN Lockdown Cypher Meets Sotra Cyphers), I called in one of the Slaghuis legends, F-Eezy, and he dropped one of the best verses I heard in 2021.” 

6. Anzo Sotra Cyphers Exclusive

“Just before going on to do some amazing things with Sjava’s 1020 Cartel, Anzo pulled up to the Sotra Cyphers head quarters to deliver an impressive display of lyrical gymnastics.”

5. SoniQ Sotra Cyphers Exclusive

“SoniQ floats effortlessly on his Sotra Cyphers exclusive, bringing with him nothing but unmatched skill and experience.”

4. PART 1 (with MaseVen, Anzo, Zwes Tornado, Big Zulu & NubianQueen Masisi) 

“Shot on the 18 May 2016, during a studio session for MaseVen’s album Havoc Reloaded, this is undoubtedly the most important episode of the series. The public reaction to this episode is probably the main reason why, 6 years later, I’m still dropping episodes.”

3. One Way (KZN Lockdown Cypher Meets Sotra Cyphers S3) 

“In the season finale of the third installment of my collaborative series with Zakwe (KZN Lockdown Cypher Meets Sotra Cyphers), One Way delivered, arguably, one of the best verses of 2022.”

2. PART 39 (with Tony Dangler & illy Amin) 

“Speaking as a huge fan of South African hip-hop supergroup ReVivolution, this episode is everything that I had hoped it would be. Both Tony and illy drop absolutely flawless verses in this one.”

1. Stogie T Sotra Cyphers Exclusive 

“Every Stogie T verse is an event. This one was no different. The legendary MC proved once again why he remains in the number 1 spot of most greatest African MCs of all-time top 5 lists.” 

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