[Video] MAXHOSA AFRICA honours Riky Rick during launch of ALKEBULAN collection

MAXHOSA AFRICA’s AWSS2022 ‘ALKEBULAN’ show featured a selection of looks inspired by Riky Rick, who Laduma described as “one of our greatest ancestors”.

MAXHOSA AFRICA’s AWSS2022 collection, which launched on Sunday, was inspired by “how ancient Alkebulans from various areas of the continent would dress in today’s world, when traveling across the world and embracing fashion and brands from all over the world,” according to the brand. “Alkebulan” is believed to be the original name of the African continent, or at least the oldest known.

Late South African rapper and fashion icon Riky Rick, who was a big supporter of the South African knitwear brand, fit that description. The brand revealed that Riky Rick “took centre stage as the muse of MAXHOSA AFRICA’s ALKEBULAN collection”. MAXHOSA AFRICA founder Laduma Ngxokolo “looked at Riky as a best true example of what an Alkebulan is.”

The ALKEBULAN range features a selection of items that are a collaboration between him and Okapi Africa. Riky’s family was present during the show to celebrate the collaboration. His brother Themba Mdladla recalled a time Riky introduced him to MAXHOSA AFRICA in 2015 at a popup store in Hyde Park. “He was like, ‘You must know these guys. These guys they gonna be big, they gonna be huge.’ And he was right,” Themba said.

Introducing the showcase of the items inspired by Riky during MAXHOSA AFRICA’s AKEBULAN show on Sunday evening, Laduma referred to Riky as “one of our greatest ancestors.” and “a dear brother that I loved so much.”

The speeches were followed by a video presentation that featured Riky putting a look together at the store and talking about MAXHOSA AFRICA. According to the brand, Laduma took inspiration from Riky’s fashion sense and ability to embrace great fashion brands from around the world. The looks presented during the show are inspired by Riky “as a special tribute for the selfless patriotism, love and dedication he had for the brand.”

“Every time you put on a MAXHOSA outfit,” Riky says in the clip, “you feel connected to where you from, to your cultural roots, whether you Xhosa, Zulu or Venda. You feel like you representing home. Every time I travel wearing a Laduma piece, they make sure to let me know that, ‘yo, that’s something special.’ And I say, ‘I know, we got great taste’.”

Modelling the special MAXHOSA AFRICA ALKEBULAN garments, which were emblazoned with a silhouetted portrait of Riky with a crown floating above his head, were the likes of Young Stillo, DJ Kaymoworld and Themba who walked to Riky’s ‘Can’t Believe It’ and ‘Sidlukotini’.

Laduma shared some stories about Riky’s interactions with him and the brand. He recalled a time Riky assisted on a MAXHOSA AFRICA show. “He stayed for the whole day, rehearsals and everything,” Laduma said. “When it was time to give him his compensation, he said, ‘Malumz, always, I got you’.

“He was that guy. Riky Rick has been walking in and out of our stores literally since we opened in 2015. And every time he comes, he comes with a bag full of cash to come and buy clothes. And to this day, that type of gesture still overwhelms us.

“Most public figures we come across in JHB, most of them want to get clothes for free. He understood product value and entrepreneurship.”

Watch the full show below to view MAXHOSA AFRICA’s ALKEBULAN AWSS2022 range:


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