Benny Chill Drops New ‘Ngozi’ Single Ft. AKA & Mustbedubz [Listen]

Benny Chill has finally dropped off his new ‘Ngozi’ single like he said he would today… The song features AKA & Mustbedubz and was teased heavy days before its release. Yeah, its most definitely a party starter dance type of song that carries some piano aesthetics but narratively caters to a more motivation tone. Benny Chill effortlessly delivers with his signature style before AKA hops on to add on his lyircal flavour and Mustbedubz contribution, of course,  brings it to a full 360… ‘Ngozi’ will raise up any spirit that feels down and you can trust us because that’s how we felt when jammed it like 5 times…

Listen below:

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