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Last year, during the spring season, Levi’s® introduced their Curvy Super Skinny: Specially Cut for Curves offering as a means of making women feel great in their jeans, no matter their shape or size… Now, that campaign also introduced some new Levi’s® partners and one of them being Oratile Moh who has built up a noteworthy reputation for being a “fashion authority” within the streets and fashion industry. So, when the Levi’s® family gave us a chance to talk campaign, style and creative desires with her, we said please and thank you. Here’s Oratile..

Let’s start off by asking about how you’re doing so far… It’s a new year that’s bringing new chapters for many. How has Oratile prepared herself for what’s to come in 2022?

I’m doing great, this year feels like so much promise. I worked really hard last year and I’m literally watching all of my work bear fruit already. 

The fashion or what many would say “culture” seems to be your natural habitat. What got you into all of this?

I was raised by the most stylish women and men. My mom would buy sneakers for me and coordinate outfits since I was a toddler. My grandfather would always dress up – there was never a Sunday best – it was every day. I naturally followed suit as I got older. It was a part of me before I even knew it.

And how would you define your personal style?

My personal style is ever evolving. I can’t say I have a description because it feels like being a different girl every day. The older I get, the more experimental I’ve become. Things I will always identify with are colour, good jeans, beautiful silhouettes and sneakers! 


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So, last year Levi’s® introduced the Curvy Super Skinny that’s specially cut for curves. You jumped on as one of the new partners for that. What is it about these Levi’s Curvy Jeans that impress you the most?

I’m most impressed with how accommodating and versatile the jeans are for the South African woman. The range hugs and cinches in all the right places, and it’s super comfy!

It’s quite true that the process of not only finding a good pair of jeans but those that make you feel great and comfortable is not as easy as one thinks. When you’re looking for a good pair of jeans like, these Levi’s® Curvy Super Skinny ones, what do you take into consideration before eventually getting them?

Definitely the wash of the jeans, a sturdy waistband and how much stretch they offer. A good price point doesn’t hurt as well! 

So, what does an average day look like for Oratile Moh?

I’m a freelancer, so things can look very different for me each day. Normally running a million errands, touching base at Vega where I attend school, fabric shopping, meetings, creating content – the list is either very lengthy or very short. 

What currently motivates you to continue feeding your creative desires?

The more I realise that my dreams are attainable and the more fruits of my labour that I get to enjoy, the more motivated I am to keep going. I’m also really lucky that my creative desires sometimes earn me money. 

I’m curious to find out what your thoughts are on our current fashion (high-end or street) standards. What’s your current view on the development of the fashion scene in SA?

Fashion is very dear to my heart, so this question is close to home. But honestly, I feel like we’re in the best years of South African fashion. We’re locally and internationally recognised, we’re realising that there is space for all kinds of fashion, and we have the best talent, designers, creators and even more coming up. It’s only going to get better as more people nurture their creative pursuits. I feel very privileged to exist in a time where South African fashion is so fast-developing and looks the way it does. 

Hmm… What would you say makes Levi’s® jeans offerings stand out? Because they’ve really been impressing a lot of us…

Levi’s® as a brand is really incredible at creating and refining classic jeans. The kind of silhouettes, quality and washes that will last you a lifetime because they transcend trends. Once you’re able to perfect something, it becomes a staple, and then you’ve won. That’s what the brand does. 

Focusing back on those Curvy Super Skinny jeans… Any advice on how ladies can style their looks using a pair of Curvy Super Skinny jeans? How do you rock them?

How you style the jeans really depends on personal taste, but comfort and staying true to your own style will always reign supreme. Personally, I style them similarly to how I appear in the campaign. A plain white T-shirt is a great place to start. Throw on a pair of Doc Martens Jadon boots, a denim jacket with the same wash and Bob’s your uncle. To be a little dressier, I’d throw on a fitted white bodysuit, a leather blazer and a cute pair of heels. 

Finally, this is probably a common left-field question, but what words of advice can you give to that young girl who’s currently reading this interview and hoping to follow in your footsteps as a fashion authority?

My advice is candid because in some ways I’m still that young girl. But I’d say, do everything you can in this one lifetime because that’s all you have. Try out as many different things as you want to and don’t listen when people tell you to pick just one lane. We’re very dynamic beings and that’s how you figure out what you truly love and enjoy. That’s what continues to work for me and I don’t think I ever will [stay in one lane], because like I said, it changes.

The more fruits of my labour that I get to enjoy, the more motivated I am to keep going.


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