Galaxy Unpacked 2022: The New Epic Standard of Smartphone Experiences

The company debuted three new smartphones—the Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, S22—and three Android tablets in various sizes.

IT LOOKS LIKE a Note, it acts like a Note. Just don’t call it a Note. That’s Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 Ultra, a massive, 6.8-inch Android phone that’s styled like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from 2020.

The similarity between the new S-series phone and the Note of yesteryear is more than skin deep. For the first time on a Galaxy S, a stylus—the one feature that made Note phones so unique—is embedded inside the device.

That might mean the death of the Note branding Samsung has used for its large, S Pen-carrying mobiles since 2011.

This R18086.78 phablet (are we still saying phablet?) was announced this week at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked virtual event, alongside two other phones: the new Galaxy S22 R12057.86 and Galaxy S22+ R15072.32. Oh, and three new tablets too.

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