Castle Lite Unlocks New #SwitchUpYourSpace TV Show

Castle Lite, Africa’s biggest lite premium beer, is unlocking an exciting new television show called Switch Up Your Space.

Switch Up Your Space is said to offer a new take on home maker-over shows by focusing on South Africans’ entertainment areas and giving them a super refreshing switch up to make homes around Mzansi the best place to chill-out this summer. This means that the switch up isn’t just about upgrades or aesthetics but about how to bring the vibe to chilling at home, making sure the spaces are prepped for hosting, entertaining or even just chilling in. Switch Up Your Space airs on e.TV every Saturday at 17:30 starting on the 15th of January 2022, and repeats on eReality every Sunday at 15:20.

So the show is hosted by Okay Wasabi who’s joined by fellow cast members Smash Afrika as the vibe master and interior design guru Ayesha Nobanda, together they make up the “Switch Up Squad”. The squad give the chosen participants a chance to switch up their home entertainment areas in preparation for hosting their family and friends for a special occasion – and fun ensues!

The show is full of twists and unexpected surprises, each week the cast members will be joined by some of Mzansi’s favourite celebrities to help them renovate the entertainment spaces, making sure that they are well equipped for the special chill-in planned. There is a mixture of personalities as part of the squad and each squad member has their own role to play. Ayesha is a successful interior designer and ensures that the space switch ups go according to plan, interpreting the contestant’s wants and needs and making them a reality. Smash plays the role of vibe master, he is there to make sure that, not only does everything look great but that the space is optimised for the best vibe to bring the fun and make it a great space to entertain. Okay is there to bring it all together and make sure the team stays on track.

After the last 2 years of spending more time at home, Castle Lite recognises the growing role entertaining at home is playing in our consumer’s lives. Naturally we want to ensure that this time at home is super enjoyable, and for that you need a super space, brought to you by Castle Lite – Colleen Duvenage, Brand Director of Castle Lite

Switch Up Your Space is further said to not only allow us to switch up five lucky South African’s entertainment spaces but also provides inspiration and tips for those watching at home to turn their homes into the best place to be. The best way to chill-out can be to chill-in, and we want to make that chill-in extraordinary.

Castle Lite is known for keeping things lite and fun, and Switch Up Your Space is a great way for us to provide entertainment and the “lite” and fun content that that our consumers love to see

Viewers also get a chance to switch up their home entertainment spaces with weekly giveaways, one lucky viewer will win the grand prize of a space switch up worth R150 000 with the show’s designer Ayesha. To enter, all you need to do, is sign up on Castle Lite’s website and let us know why you need your space switched up. You can also win extra cold beer for a year if you watch the show on Saturday and engage with @castlelitesa on twitter.

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