Doowap Drops New Afro & Amapiano Fused ‘Déjà Vu’ Bop Ft. Money Badoo

DJ, Artist and performer, Doowap has just dropped off a new single called ‘Déjà Vu’ that features Money Badoo as a way of also bringing Libra SZN to a close… This new song is described as an Afro and Amapiano fused bop produced by Vuyisanani Mboxela. The joint is the official follow-up to that ‘Time Traveller’ song that dropped back in February and sonically it does sound like a hybrid of Afro & Amapiano vibes for real which is quite refreshing to hear, in other words, and the combination of both Doowap and Money Badoo’s creative energies is displayed effortlessly. When describing the song a bit Doowap expressed how this song “speaks to the search for love, magnetic chemistry and bonds that surpass all space and time…” So yeah it’s purpose goes deeper than we realized which just adds on to it’s weight experience wise.

On this planet it’s all about the feminine divine and feeling like the most powerful version of yourself! no binaries! everyone’s superpower is being authentic to who they are!  – Money Badoo

Listen below:

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