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An A-Reece x Jay Jody Joint Project “Could Happen”

As each day passes by, the possibilities of an A-Reece & Jay Jody (formerly known as Pjay) joint project seem to get real and that’s all thanks to how the pair are moving together… These days the brothers have really been showcasing their workmanship and their latest ‘tufF lucK’ makes this statement quite obvious. Of course, this artistic bond isn’t anything new as they are actual brothers but it is quite interesting to witness the shift in gears that they both have gone through to reach this point.

The Jay Jody moniker switch-up could be viewed as a gear shift for example and A-Reece’s current openness to collaborating with other entities visually and production-wise could be another example let’s just say… And in terms of history, you could even find some similarities in each of their own journeys, paths that have now clearly joined together… They both had that Ambitiouz phase, they’ve both gone through their growths as individuals and are now in a space that sort of makes this moment feels like these visions of a deeper collaboration we are having were inevitable if you get what we mean… And the possibilities for these thoughts were highlighted by Jay Jody’s recent tweet seen above which has him heavily hinting at what could happen. Either way, these are exciting times and let us know what your thoughts are on this matter.

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