We’re back with another showcase of South Africa’s diverse cultures as part of our monthly #BeautyofBlend editorial series in collaboration with Tullamore D.E.W. which celebrates and puts a spotlight on an incredible group of young artists & creatives that we believe are blending cultures, thoughts & ideas to help shape and improve modern-day South Africa in their own ways.

This time around we take a look at the young rising star, BELO SALO, who has steadily been building up his reputation within the local music scene. With a handful of singles and collaborations with the likes of Blxckie & A-Reece already out there, BELO SALO’s time is fast approaching and in this candid #BeautyofBlend sit-down interview, we ask the ‘heartthrob creator a couple of questions about his thoughts on the benefits of cultures blending in South Africa, fusing styles and more. 

What is your belief in the benefits of blending cultures and perspectives?

My belief in blending cultures in perspective creates better collaborative efforts you know what I’m saying? Something bigger than just a separate entity, building something by ourselves because we all draw inspiration from… We’re a product of everything we know rather. So just taking influences from everything and just mending it into one conspires to a greater purpose or a greater product.

What experiences have you had of cultures coming together that have positively influenced your creative process?

One significant experience has to be my upbringing. I’m the most diverse individual you’ll probably ever come across with my mom being Tsonga, my dad being Zulu and my gran being Sotho. So just like cultural diversity in that alone, just drawing inspiration from different environments really shapes who I am and what I bring into my art as well.

It’s like I’m a blend as an individual. – BELO SALO

And what do you think the benefits would be for Mzansi if more cultures and communities blended?

Cultures and creatives blending would put us in an advantage as moving as a force and not just separately… And that can help us in terms of breaking into international markets (musically) and just taking us further than we are right now. 

Do you have any examples you can give where the blending of different musical styles, cultures and beliefs has resulted in you creating something different?

My sound for one, I can’t be boxed in… I draw my inspiration from a lot of different genres like my playlist is a merit of music I listen to. So that for one, the music I listen to and just infusing that into a distinct sound that I want to create (in the studio). It’s like I’m a blend as an individual.

What are some unorthodox or weird methods you’ve had to bring together in your craft?

so unorthodox methods in my sound have to be for one, just finding something different in everything. That alone is an unorthodox approach, trying to create something people haven’t heard out here. Going into the session, I just go with the mindset of just creating something that’s never been heard before

So what goes through your mind when you think of the phrase ‘Beauty Of Blend’?

What goes through my mind when I think of the phrase ‘Beauty Of Blend’ is the “Beauty” of coming together in a collaborative effort for a greater cause.


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