Indigo Stella Drops New ‘Pay It Up’ Single Ft. Nadia Nakai

Indigo Stella has just dropped off her new single called ‘Pay It Up’ that features Nadia Nakai as she said she would… This single is explained to have been inspired by the aspirations and goals Indigo Stella has always had and the confidence around what she does: “From ‘Boss Up’ to ‘Hungry’ to ‘Pay It Up’, one can perceive that Indigo is all about her grind and nothing can alter that, as her first line in the song is “Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a paper chaser”, then goes on to rap hard and once again shows how multi-talented she is when she switches to singing, followed by a catchy hook…”

It’s further said to be a song to sing when you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and now are awaiting your rewards and is actually the first song off her upcoming #Interstella debut album which doesn’t have a release date yet. We’re expecting the visuals for the song to also drop soon as teased by some social media images we’ve seen.

Listen below: