Shekhinah Drops New #TroubleInParadise Album [Listen]

Shekhinah’s new Trouble In Paradise album has just dropped today after it experienced some delays last year but hey, fans don’t seem to be complaining anymore… The whole album comes in with 12 tracks in total with features from the likes of Bey T, Una Rams and Luke Goliath. The album is now the official follow-up to her 2017 Rose Gold album and it’s sounding more than we expected. It’s kind of hard to describe this new body of work but Shekhinah definitely caters to a variety of sounds here as it contains ones that could be considered R&B and others that are more dance-related amongst others. This album feels like an ocean because although you know what an ocean is, you can never truly anticipate what it will offer or show you. This ain’t a review by the way…

In other news: Shekhinah shares ‘Trouble In Paradise’ album credits.

Listen below: