Shekhinah Shares ‘Trouble In Paradise’ Album Credits

Tomorrow is the day Shekhinah’s new Trouble In Paradise album drops and man, what a wait it’s been huh? Yesterday, the ‘Fixate’ creator shared a look at what the tracklist be looking like and from a feature, songwriters & producers’ list point of view, it looks delicious to say the least. Through social media, Shekhinah showcased that the likes of Una Rams, Luke Goliath, Bey T, Hloma Soga, Michael ‘Goofy’ Morare, Bubele Booi, David Balshaw, E, HMz and Manana are credited as those that have helped created the incoming experience.

There’s been huge anticipation for this new chapter of Shekhinah’s life musically as Trouble In Paradise will become the official follow-up to her Rose Gold debut album which dropped in 2017.


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