HYPE Magazine Interviews Justin Hume

Back in March Samsung hosted their Galaxy Awesome Unpacked event which unveiled the new Galaxy  A-series phones and with all the awesome features displayed through it all, we got a chance to talk to Justin Hume who is the Director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa.

So what makes the Galaxy A-series different from any other smartphone?

We believe in innovation and that’s the core of what we do, and we want to bring that innovation across with customers by incorporating top-end innovation into our A-series. I believe that’s what we’ve done, whether that’s through colour or through the features that we have on board or even just the way we bring it all together as a package. We believe that we’ve introduced that innovation, and we call it Awesome, Awesomeness and Awesome is for everyone.

During the Galaxy Awesome unpacked 2021 event, the focus seemed to be the new camera of the Galaxy A-series. How would you say the camera improved from the previous models?

The camera is critically important, in fact, it is sort of the number one feature that everybody is after. So the first thing we can see here is that we’ve got a quad-camera array on the device and that means I’ve got one angle access, telephoto lenses and the light, with the main camera being 64 megapixels. With this device, I have got an incredible resolution whether I’m shooting an image from far away or up close, I can get every detail. With that said you know these days, it is not just about technical shots. Again, video is on the rise whether it is TikTok or whatever it might be random but the video is critically important. Fun fact you can record in 4K resolution, on this A-series product, the camera quality is on par with the studio-grade type property picture. And I can play it back on one of these critical Samsung TVs or sharing a high-resolution effectivity. But one of the things that we had to kind of look at is that even when obtaining your shot, especially when I’m taking it in a high resolution while zooming is that as steady as I try to be my hands gonna shake a little bit the next I get by when I can actually shorter and I’m trying to capture somebody’s moving and that kind of thing with gyroscopic sensors on board. Now, artificial intelligence creates optical image stabilization. So basically what it means is a steady shot, irrespective of whether my hand is shaking or I’m running off to someone. As an addition to that, the ‘Super steady’ function is built-in so that users can simply adjust some of the settings and make sure that they get those crisp images the way have intended to see them.

Can we touch on how the 5G affects the performance, of the A-series smartphones?

Firstly we can define 5G as a brand new cellular network or technology with high data speed, minimal latency, that enables real-time data visualization and monitoring. With that said we have this model available in both a 4G version as well as the 5G version but 5G is the way that we are going because it is the future. You buying this phone, you want it to be “future-proof” as that new technology comes online and that’s what we aim to achieve.

Let’s talk about the super AMOLED, and how it affects battery life?

It’s wonderful to have a critical camera that is as great as 5G technology for example right? But I’ve got to view it on something and that is where the screen comes into play. So firstly, it’s a large-format display and I get great real estate to watch YouTube streams and play games or whatever it might be. And the super Amoled technology, not only pushes up the contrast rates but also increases the quality of resolution. One of the additional features that I love about this device that it has a standard unit that is classified as 800 Nits and now that is something that luminances the brightens of the display. Well having that kind of display is not an issue, right, because we’ve got a large format 5000 milliamp-hour battery on here. Which we believe is powerful enough, to last you for two days, so that you don’t have to run around charging the phone because this device can do it all.

The new Galaxy A-Series seems to be youth-targeted, what’s the strategy behind that?

 Yes, you are definitely right and I mean whether people are formal or informal content creators. As a matter of fact, we are all producing content these days in one form or another, so we really wanted to create a device that was capable of supporting that lifestyle. Whether it is about the battery-powered, or this incredible camera or its ability to allow for on the go, capturing, and editing effectively. That all went into the thinking behind the product that is suitable for the everyday person as well as a top-end content creator.

Lastly, what do you like about the new Galaxy A smartphone?

I think the design kind of stands out for me, so it is pretty cool looking at this new colour palette. We have also introduced this new awesome violet colour, so when you put it down people are definitely gonna check it out and they are going to know that you’ve got the brand new A series. In conclusion to me, it’s just kind of cool.

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