Yanga Chief For #AIRMAXDAY

Yanga Chief’s influence within SA hip hop culture has grown to an undeniable level over the years since he has consistently built up his name with the music he has produced, the hits he has helped create and the many other creative hats he has worn, some that we ourselves probably even don’t know of. The release of his latest musical 2020 body of work called Pop Star is just another indicator of his many ever-growing talents but his alignment with himself and identity is the inspiring bit that continues to raise him to greater heights. Here he is giving us a sneak peek at how he is mentally and why specifically dropped those names as part of his list of young African individuals doing good within their spaces.

We’re already approaching that midterm timeline of 2021 and you seem to be in a pretty good space especially when one considers your recent meet-up with King Dalindyebo which was inspiring to see… Can you briefly describe how the year is going for you?

The year is going. Which is more than I can say for last year. Slowly morphing back into myself. Enjoying myself. So far so good.

Mentally, how did you prepare to work or function through this year especially as an artist and one that persevered through?

I think last year I learned to not worry about how I’m gonna do things. What’s more important is to get them done. So we doing a couple of things at the same time this year, just elevating the standard at every step. Less yada yada more qhwaaah…

Can’t be wrong if you’re dope – Yanga Chief

Part of this year’s Nike Air Max Day celebration included you naming some people you consider are doing good with their careers are contributing to popular culture. Can you briefly talk about why you name-dropped the likes of Maverick Siezure, Bhut Legend, Inga Somdyala, Mfini Fit, Junior King?

Talent. I see an undeniable God energy in them. They’re those people that deserve a fair shot. In some ways, they remind me of myself so I wanted you guys to witness that.

What are your thoughts on collaboration?

It can be hard to get right. Especially if it’s not a spiritual connection. You ought to be careful with energies. But when it’s right it’s heaven-sent. That’s a thing to see. Working with anybody’s not for everybody though. Don’t force it.

If I can still wake up and create something then I feel like it’s all okay.

How do you measure success? In other words, what signs do you look for to convince that you are doing things right?

If I can still wake up and create something then I feel like it’s all okay. Even with all the money in the world if I can’t create then it’s a problem.

Finally, what would you say are the core values you live by?

Dopeness. Can’t be wrong if you’re dope.



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