Over the weekend fans of The Big Hash had a lot to be excited about because he shared or leaked three songs packed as DAYS BEFORE HEARTBREAK. The leaks are made up of songs ‘BLACK’, ‘BEST FRIENDS’ and a Drake ‘Find Your Love’ remix. ‘BLACK’ is the fastest-paced one amongst the trio, produced by Doou$hii as it starts off very mellow before it erupts to a whole different high energy. ‘BEST FRIENDS’, produced by AmoBeatz, finds the ‘Peace of Mind’ hitmaker linking up with an emerging artist called Titose to deliver an R&B/Hip-Hop experience that is filled up with some smooth vocals and a must-hear Hash flow. The remix of ‘Find Your Love’ simply has Hash breathing in some new life to the already popular song to give us something new interpreted by him.


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All these leaks are good and were surely dropped to firstly keep his promise and secondly build up hype for his upcoming Heartbreak Hotel album which is what this all leading up to hence the DAYS BEFORE HEARTBREAK title.

You can download the leaks right here.

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