Listen To Namakau Star’s New ‘Trance’ Single

Zambian-born Namakau Star has today released her new single called ‘Trance’ that is said to offer a glimpse into her next body of work which is an EP due out mid-2021. ‘Trance’ finds her collaborating with Mars Baby on production and this song is further said to be a “sonic journey which transports the listener into a whole new world” as it acts as an introduction to what Namakau Star calls genre-bending an unconventional R&B and hip-hop sound fused with electronic trap paired with a neo-soul approach to the beat…

“We are building an army of believers, people who believe in their truth and their freedom too” This is at the center of what Namakau Star is sharing at this stage of her journey it is the reclamation of free thought, flow, and formless expression, the act of being in the flow which is a prelude to the idea of owning your time and space in this existence. This is just a taste of what Namakau Star has to offer as she gears up to embark on an epic sonic journey with her upcoming EP.

Listen below: