Mars Baby’s ‘Prodigal Son’ Debut EP Is Good [Listen]

Last year on Christmas day, Cape Town-born musician, Mars Baby (Real name Jesse Meintjes), released his first official EP titled
Prodigal Son. This new EP is said to be a concise but profoundly storied sonic landscape that explores topics such as love, displacement, euphoria, and addiction. It’s a 3-track musical experience that paints a picture of who Mars Baby is, what Mars Baby might become, and importantly why…  It really is “the culmination of the artist’s odyssey from leaving home as a confused young man to embracing his purpose as an artist” as the description shared adds.

And if this is your first Mars Baby experience then you should know that last year he dropped his debut single called ‘Porcelain’ that features lordkez. Prodigal Son does well to further carry on his introduction to us and we’ve been bumping it since its release which resulted in a satisfactory outcome.

Ph by @officialbiaggio

“Traditionally, the prodigal son is someone who leaves home for a period of time, then returns. That is quite literally what I’m doing right now. I moved to Joburg to work on my music and I plan on coming home with a fully realised body of work; a testament to the creative potential I was sitting on in Cape Town.” – Mars Baby

He offered an alternative, more visceral definition as well: “On a metaphysical level, it describes my struggle with addiction and with finding myself. For a period, I would travel between these states of intense unhealthy behaviour and my ‘home’, which I consider to be my authentic, heathy self. This music – this space that I’m in – is a return to that self.”

Listen below:


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