The Nike Cosmic Unity

Nike has just revealed the new Cosmic Unity sneaker which is the brand’s first performance shoe under its Move to Zero initiative (Nike’s journey toward zero waste and zero carbon). This shoe is said to have been created for a sport that is “constantly refashioning into an updated, trailblazing version of itself” which is the spirit of basketball plus also the spirit behind circular design which you can check out here. It’s been shared that the Cosmic Unity was made with at least 25 percent recycled content by weight and features a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit for responsiveness making it a perfectly designed shoe for players who love the sport of basketball and who believe in its “culture-bending power” which includes helping out to pursue a more sustainable future for the world.

“We asked ourselves a question that is guiding our process into the future: Can a product that makes the world better also make an athlete better?” says Ross Klein, Senior Creative Director for Performance Footwear at Nike. “We wanted to create a synergy between making the world better by what we do, but also leave an impact for athletes so that they can perform at a higher level.”

Green Glow
Space Hippie

The creation of Cosmic Unity can be traced back to 2008 with the release of the Nike Zoom BB II Low’ Trash Talk.’ The low-profile silhouette was Nike’s introduction to the possibility of making a shoe made with recycled materials without compromising performance. The Cosmic Unity dares to take this idea even further. The team made conscious decisions with sustainability in mind at every step of the process, from designers foregoing paper to sketch their ideas digitally to the production team agreeing to reduce the number of samples they requested from the factory.

The Cosmic Unity is expected to drop on February 26 (The Green Glow colorway), March 7 (The Amalgam colorway) and March 12 ((The Space Hippie colorway) for a retail price of about R2 243,38.