Priddy Ugly Has More Music & A Collab Project In The Vault

Priddy Ugly is definitely gearing up for a 2021 takeover because the amount of music he has ready seems to be a lot… Earlier this week we shared that Priddy Ugly’s sophomore album is done which fans are excited about and that announcement alone was enough to excite the game but it seems that there are other new music reasons to add to that excitement. Yesterday Priddy Ugly also revealed that besides the new album, he has more music stored up in the vault which includes a collab project.

In his post, he shared a screenshot of two folders, one for features and the other titled UGLY 2020. The features one has 20 items in-store and the UGLY 2020 has 72 items or “songs” which is crazy. Clearly Priddy Ugly was working heavy last year and that collab project mentioned is pretty cool to know about. Hopefully, we get more details about all of this soon.