A Closer Look At The ‘Nike Dunk High x AMBUSH’ With Amy Zama

A Closer Look At The Nike Dunk High x AMBUSH Collab.

Earlier this year the Dunk High x AMBUSH collaboration made an appearance on the runway in New York and on the 11th of December (release day) the shoes sold out in South Africa. This new collaboration between Nike & Tokyo-based fashion label AMBUSH is evidently in high demand and what makes these so special is the fact that this new offering made AMBUSH® founder, Yoon Ahn, the first female designer to partner with Nike and the National Basketball Association (NBA) to deliver a signature and highly detailed basketball-inspired shoe.

Inspiration: Amy Zama

Photography by Blackmilk Studios

Styling by Tamara Moeng

Styling assistance by Kgomotso Kiggy

Assistance by JollyBoyTheo & Roo


Now HYPE got the opportunity to have a closer look at the Dunk High x AMBUSH (Black) and we were joined by multifaceted creative, Amy Zama, who was our source of inspiration or “muse” throughout the whole experience. During our time with her, we picked her brain about a few words and her.

“In recognition of Japanese bike, car and truck culture, the Dunk’s original proportions are re-imagined, with Swooshes extending beyond the heel like bike pipes”



Who is Amy Zama?

Amy Zama is a… I would like to call myself a multidisciplinary artist just because I don’t just do styling. I do brand consultancy. I am Thebe Magugu’s right-hand…

Amy Zama is a Style Curator for Levi’s® Haus of Strauss Africa. She is a freelance Stylist. She is a freelance Creative Director… She is a Creative Director and consultant to Extracurricular, which is Thebe’s sister brand. She is a multidisciplinary artist. She is a lover of fashion, a lover of architecture, a lover of jewelry, design, and a lover of classical music… A lover of collaboration amongst young creatives. She is a style Maverick.

What goes through your head when you think “Purpose”?

Focus, determination, clarity, and understanding in one’s vision, in oneself, and in one’s journey.

So what would you say Amy Zama’s purpose is?

I would say currently that Amy’s Zama’s purpose is still being seen or understood within her journey. Um, my purpose was never to do what I was doing, but on a grander scheme of things, it’s all about connecting cultures. It’s all about introducing people to different POVs within a creative space. My purpose is all about giving people a certain understanding or a certain level of respect when it comes to curation, especially when it comes to image curation. I don’t like the word styling because it can be sometimes used very nonchalant or with nonchalance rather… It’s all about image architecture. It’s all about understanding that the purpose is about achieving what’s at the end of your own goal and I’m currently on that journey… And my purpose is currently being fulfilled through that journey.

Who or what is Amy Zama’s North or Guiding Star that helps you get back on track of things?

I mean, it’s definitely no secret in terms of, if you do or have followed my journey, you should know that I have had & have strong mentors like Bee Diamondhead, Thebe Magugu & Rich Mnisi, just to name a few… And it’s helped me or rather cultivated who I am today. Understanding when I’m down is a strength and understanding when I’m weak is a strength. And it’s all about you “knowing” what your strengths and weaknesses are because that’s what I’ve been taught. And that’s what I’ve had to become and understand… It’s all about understanding yourself as a creative and as a human being… And understanding your psyche in order to know when you’ve got it and when you don’t “got it”, where you lack and where you need to actually pick up period.

What goes through your head when you think “AMBUSH”?

Architecture, minimalism, sophistication, abstract, contemporary, and last but not least you and yourself…

What does Nike mean to you?

Nike, to me, means community, loyalty, family, hip-hop, basketball, black history, or rather can I say the supporting of black history and black excellence… The supporting of young creatives, supporting young artists athletes to push, thrive, and to support in everyone’s journey. That’s Nike for me.

“The Dunk High x AMBUSH (Black) come mainly dripped in a White & Black colour scheme that features a White leather base with some Black leather overlays. The highlight of the shoe is the lengthy rubber Swoosh logo on the sides that extends past the heel. An all-White rubber sole also comes in to bring the design 360”



The Nike Dunk High x AMBUSH (Black) are currently sold out but retailed for R 3,099.95

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