Flying Fish Dominate Twitter With The Biggest #FLOWWITHIT #WHATTHEFFLYINGFISH Question

On the last day of November, Flying Fish dominated Twitter with its #Flowwithit, and here’s why…

Upon its launch, the (What The Flying Fish?!)/#FlowWithIt campaign, trended for three solid hours and rose to the #2 spot as the only non-political trend of the day! SABC show Trending SA – a daily top trends watchdog – could only but note the brand’s extraordinary campaign success that afternoon.

The #WhatTheFlyingFish/#FlowWithIt campaign is Flying Fish’s answer to the biggest WhatTheFlyingFish question of them all, 2020! The campaign advocates that as 2020 has taught so vividly, life will forever be full of WhatTheFlyingFish moments where unexpected challenges are thrown our way, to which the only answer can be to open your Flying Fish, open your mind and move into acceptance.  In such situations, when faced with a ‘sink or swim’ option, the fun and refreshing brand suggests that we simply #FlowWithIt.

“The #WhatTheFlyingFish/ #FlowWithIt campaign, like Flying Fish, is fun, quirky and a refreshing brand.  The aim is to inspire positivity in a difficult period across the world, and show South Africans that our fun-loving natures and happy dispositions enable our resilience even in the toughest of times.” – Brand spokesperson Colleen Duvenage

The campaign conversation was kick-started by Twitter sensation and socialite Keabetswe Jan. Keabetswe launched the brand-synced, cool and clever content with her personal choice to #FlowWithIt in her experience of this crazy year.  Interestingly, the hashtag #FlowWithIt is double-edged, serving in the second instance as an invitation to flow the conversation on social media – repost, respond, and engage. And as anticipated, the campaign organically flowed as South Africans weighed in on their own experiences of 2020, reflecting the authenticity of the Flying Fish conversation and the brand’s always accurate insight into its consumers. After all 2020 has been A LOT!

The conversation culminated after three straight hours of trending from midday to mid-afternoon, with the gauntlet thrown down to all of marking this dramatic year with a dramatically fun gesture. While ‘chilled’ is Flying Fish’s suggested attitude (and temperature to drink at!), it’s clear that the results of this successful campaign were anything but laid back.

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