Watch Moozlie Talk #SpiritOfAnOG, Lessons She’s Learnt & More

It seems like Moozlie is getting ready to drop off her new project called #SpiritOfAnOG soon and before we get it in full she recently shared “Part 1” (A word from the maker) of a film short by @gorealr.studios that has her reflecting on her musical journey and the upcoming project, more specifically the inspiration behind its title… In the clip, She also talks about the lessons she’s learnt since stepping into the music scene, as well as what we all can expect from #SpiritOfAnOG. Since this is “Part 1”, we’re sure that “Part 2” is coming which will have more in-depth info… We still haven’t seen the full tracklist or drop date for the project yet (or at least we haven’t seen anything) but according to her recent tweets we can expect 16 tracks on this one.

In other news, you can listen to her latest ‘LaLaLa’ single here.

Watch below:


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